I am keen on how we grow and develop as beings therefore I incorporate the relationship between the mind, body and spiritual aspects of ourselves in my work.  I have knowledge on Spirituality that involves experiences you may be having in finding a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and connection with the Universe.  Generally speaking, Spirituality is regarded as separate from religion, although there are spiritual practices within religion.  To some, Spirituality is a way of 'being' and an individual process of developing your own beliefs as it relates to the meaning of life and connection with others and the things around you. 

From my own personal experience and the experiences shared by others, I understand that embracing this aspect of your life may be difficult to share.  However, I will offer you the space and time to explore what Spirituality means for you, help you to cope with change and uncertainty as it relates to Spirituality and to help you understand your life's greater purpose.


A lot of times we carry negative energies whether they are our own or belonging to others.  I believe that crystals have a way of helping to rid of these negative energies and in turn help us to heal our emotions and restore balance back into our lives.  I will often have a small selection of crystals in the therapy room and I am very open to you selecting and holding one while we discuss your issues together.  We may even look at why you chose a specific crystal, what it represents for you or what it is that you may be feeling or thinking whilst holding it.


50 minute individual
face-to-face sessions available.

Hours of availability:
Daytime and evening appointments are available Monday - Friday
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